Posting on this site is suspended

Sorry, I have gotten nothing but spam on this site, so I am closing down the forums until I figure out how to make time to moderate this site.

Stay tuned.

Start Your Own Blog (suspended)

UPDATE: I have been getting nothing but spam here so, this feature is temporarily disabled until I figure out how to allocate time to monitoring this site. Thanks for your patience. Please contact me if you are interested in building community on this site. email bloodsister (at) gmail (dot) com.

Anyone can start a blog here and say whatever you want! Please moderate the comments (delete spam, etc.) or I will do it for you.

Are You a Good Blood Sister to Mother Earth?

If you're really green, have you asked yourself why you would use disposable products on your moon?

If you do use disposables, read some more information about these products, and how they harm the earth and your body.

If you already use re-usable products, or want to, read more information about that.

Switch to Alternative Menstrual Products and Save the Earth

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